John Napier has finally decided
to end 37 years of camps.
To John Napier Soccer

To all my many campers hundreds or
probably thousands, who have been
regulars over the years at my summer
camps in Escondido and Temecula,
I want to take this opportunity to
thank you all for your support. I have
finally decided I am ready to retire my
summer camps.
It has been a difficult decision but the
correct decision. Having had two new
hip replacement surgery in the past
two years, and still to have a knee
replaced, I believe now is a good time
to cut back on activities.
I am still very much involved at the
competitive level coaching and
continue to work with Cal South ODP
program, as well as administration
work with my competitive clubs.
Thank you all so much, I hope it was
fun, and you learned whilst having fun.
Thank you
John Napier
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