JOHN NAPIER                                                                       
Birth Place: Lurgan, Northern Ireland                                                  
Citizen: United States
Personal: Married to Dian Napier (1986)
Resident: San Marcos, Ca.

PLAYING EXPERIENCE ALL AT THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL:                                                        
1961- 1967 Bolton Wanderers,   English Soccer League                               
1967- 1972 Brighton,                  English Soccer League  
1972- 1979 Bradford City,          English Soccer League
1975 Baltimore Comets,           NASL (Loan) From Bradford                                                                 
1976 San Diego Jaws,              NASL (Loan) From Bradford                        

INTERNATIONAL HONORS:                                                                                        
Northern Ireland:                       
Full International                                                        
Under 23 International                                                        
Youth International         (Under 17/18/19)                                        
Schoolboy International  (Under 15/16)                                         

PROFESSIONAL CLUB HONORS:                                                                                        
1966 Bolton Wanderers: (English Soccer League)  MVP                                 
1969 Brighton: (English Soccer League)                 MVP                               
1973 Bradford City: (English Soccer League)          MVP                                 

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS:                                                                                                
English FA Licensed Coach                                                                                        
US Soccer Federation " A " Licensed Coach                                        
US Soccer Federation " Y " Licensed Coach                                       
Member USSF Coaches Organization                                                                                        
Member of the National Soccer Coaches of America                                                                                        


1967-1968 Brighton Youth Academy ( Professional Level ) Head Coach                                        
1972-1975 Bradford City Youth Academy (Professional Level) Head Coach                         
1976-1978 Bradford City ( Professional Level ) Assistant Coach                                                             
1978-1979 Bradford City ( Professional Level ) Manager/Head Coach
YOUTH LEVEL:                                                 
1979  Pepperdine University ( Malibu California ) Coaching Schools                                                    
1980-1981 San Diego Sockers NASL ( Professional Level ) Youth Development Director                                    
1981-1982 San Pasqual HS Escondido (CIF) Head Coach           
1982-1983 Escondido Royals Cal-South U23 Circuit, Head Coach                
1985-1986 Orange Glen HS Escondido, (CIF) Head Coach                         
1991-1996 Escondido Earthquakes Cal-South, Competitive Director of Coaching                     
1994  ODP Boys Under 16  Head Coach                                          
1995  ODP Boys Under 17  Head Coach                                               
1996-2006 FC Heat Escondido (Competitive) DOC                            
1980-Present John Napier Professional Soccer Camps, (Director)
1995-Present Cal-South Education. Staff Coach                                                        
2000-Present Cal-South Staff ODP Coach                                                                      
2004-B89 Regional Champions and National Finalists                                                                                      
2005-B91 Regional Finalists
2006-B92 Regional Champions                                                                                    
2006-Lifetime Achievement Award in Youth Soccer, presented by ASC SD.
2007-2008 (6 current ODP B92 in the US National U17 Pool.)
2007-2008 (B92 Regional Champions and National 3rd Place)
2007-Present Director of Administration for Escondido FC Heat.
2007-2008 Head coach for GU16 and BU13 FC San Diego.
2008-Regional Coordinator for Coaching Education in SD County.
2008-FCSD BU13AAA-Presidio Champions 14-0-0  
2008-FCSD GU16AAA-Presidio Champions 10-3-1
2009 Head Coach for FCSD GU17 and GU14 Premier teams.
2009 ODP Boys 92 Regional Finalists
2010 ODP Girls 95 Regional Champions
2010 Appointed to the US Soccer National Youth ID program
2010-2011 FCSD BU10 AAA Champions-State Cup S/F-Surf Cup winners
2010-2011 FCSD BU12 AAA Advance to Premier
2011 ODP Girls 95 Regional Champions-National Finalists
2011 District 2 Honoree for services to youth soccer
2012 SDSC BU11 Presidio Repeat 3 year Champions
2012 ODP Girls 96 Regional and National Champions
2013 ODP Girls 96 (Repeat) Regional and National Champions
2014 ODP Girls 97 Regional and National Champions
2015 ODP Girls 98 Regional and National Champions
2016 ODP Girls 99 Regional and National Champions
2017 ODP Girls 00 Regional and National Champions
2018 ODP Girls 01 Regional Champions
2019 ODP Girls 02 Regional Finalists
2015 John Napier was inducted into the Cal South Soccer
Hall of Fame for his contributions to youth soccer
2017 Head SDSC US Soccer Academy Coach BU12
2018 Head SDSC US Soccer Academy Coach BU14

2020 ODP Girls 03 Regional Champions

2011 District 2 Award
With Commissioner
John Mullen
Downtown Cabo
FCSD Coaches award
with Brian Quinn DOC
G99 ODP Regional and
National Champions 2016
Pinder Najjar Assistant
Bolton Wanderers MVP 1966
2015 Inducted into Cal
South Hall of Fame